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Our Research

Delta Point conducts periodic research, focused primarily on sales, marketing, and training in the life sciences industry.

Learn what thought leaders are saying—and what sales representatives and managers really think.

Recommended Books

Being a life-long learner is the true key to success.

Review our list of recommended books about selling, building relationships, leadership and personal development.

Our White Pagers

Our Delta Point white papers educate, inform and provoke thought.

Read our unique perspectives and practical solutions for challenges that businesses typically encounter, especially in the life sciences industry.

Our Videos

Seeing is believing.

Watch Delta Point experts explain some of our main tenets and provide you with practical tips you can start using now.

Case Studies

We can proudly state that we have consulted on more than 100 BioPharma brands, including eight of the top 12 brands in the world. We hope that learning about what we did for clients can trigger some thoughts as to how we can help you succeed:

Establishing a Global Coaching Program in Ultra Rare Marketplace

Challenge to establish lead product while maintaining focus on adjunctive therapy

Developing Common Selling Approach Across Business Units

New organization with innovative product to treat rare disease faces uphill battle—including hiring sales force