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    Situation: In 2017, a major biopharmaceutical organization made the decision to develop a global Coaching program to support all first line leaders. The goal was to have the program customized for both their corporate culture and the “ultra-rare marketplace.” To do this effectively, they wanted their internal stakeholders to be intimately involved in the development – built by the Company, for the Company. In addition to coaching, their global leadership team also identified the need for improved selling skills development for Regional Account Managers aligned to new global standards customized for each of the four global regions (US, EMEAC, JAPAC and LATAM)

    The organization has a tenured and talented sales force. The nature of this market dictates that the RAMs have strong clinical and selling expertise in order to educate physicians and thought leaders on these rare diseases, as well as the unique treatment options. Because the new global Selling and Coaching approaches are intended to be customized to the company’s talent and still meet the unique needs by region, it was necessary to gain input from the field and leadership teams across the world in order to ensure the program provided value and ‘rang true’ for each market.
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    Delta Point Solution: DPI conducted a robust Discovery process including an assessment of current assets, live interviews and disease state and product executive training. From this process DPI customized the coaching model and program (four modules) and recommended the new selling model, then worked with Global Training to develop the initial selling program (four modules) as well as graphics and resources for both models. DPI managed the process of gaining in-depth feedback on the selling and coaching programs/resources during weekly calls with each of four regional core teams including 15-20 leaders, trainers and RAMs. DPI then coordinated updating and customizing modules to regional needs.
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    Results: The global response to the coaching and selling models has been extraordinary and specific feedback has allowed DPI to better tailor the content to both the organization and for specific regions. There have been opportunities to ‘test’ the content during smaller regional meetings and the philosophy among the company is that these programs will be continuously improved and adapted to fit the needs of their people and their unique market.