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The Relationship Edge®

Developing relationships with people you work, especially those you don’t naturally connect with, will give you an edge. How can you develop your relationship edge in business?

What Employees Want in a Supervisor

Your success at work is intricately tied to your supervisor. Learn what employees want in a supervisor—so that both they and you can succeed.

What is Selling and Why Does It Matter?

Once I changed my definition of selling, my sales soared! Learn why your definition of selling makes such a critical difference to your success.

The Secret to Getting More Time with Customers

How do you get more time with customers? The key is to develop meaningful business relationships with them. How do you do that? Learn the three-step process so you can build relationships with practically anyone.

What Do I Know that can Help You be more Successful?

Most of us want to make a difference in this life. The question is what kind of difference do you want to make? Here are my thoughts as how I can help you find the greatness that resides within.

Why You Need to Know How Millennials and Baby Boomers are Different

Millennials and baby boomers see the world and each other differently. How can we communicate with each to gain greater understanding and achieve common goals?

How to get Better at Selling

What can you do to be more effective in selling? Learn the 3 simple steps that will make a noticeable difference in your sales numbers.

To Be Successful in Selling, You Must Believe

What do you need to believe to be truly successful in selling so your customers will want to buy what you are selling?