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    Situation: DPI had a long-standing relationship working with one of the divisions of a top five biopharmaceutical organization focused on selling skills development. The cross-functional Field Leadership Board decided to align a number of key field processes across all divisions for a ‘One Company’ approach. As part of this initiative, they sought to establish a singular selling approach with DPI as the partner selected to support this project. The goal was to capitalize on best practices from each of the four existing division specific selling models to develop a singular approach to: “Better enable customer-facing individuals to position brands in a customer’s mind in a way that aligns to their unique needs and patient challenges while driving business results.”

    The Field Leadership Board wanted to establish a common selling language allowing for seamless adoption for all selling divisions, minimizing possible disruption to existing selling philosophies. Additionally, they sought to establish strong connectivity to the existing Coaching Model, providing clear articulation of what successful execution looks like, and how the rollout and enduring resources will serve to embed the new approach into the spine of the organization.
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    Delta Point Solution: DPI conducted a comprehensive Discovery process including reviewing 75+ existing selling skills resources, conducting 12+ interviews with key stakeholders and established a project team with one training lead per division. From this Discovery, DPI developed an Insights and Recommendations report that included a new One Company selling approach graphic, definition of each selling pillar as well as the skills and behaviors that explained both the ‘What’ and ‘How’ to execute these skills effectively. DPI also put together a robust 18-month plan for launching, embedding and sustaining the new approach.
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    Results: Each of the divisions launched the Customer Engagement Approach. The feedback on the model and support resources has been “beyond our expectations.” The sales organization felt the new model represented the customer-centric approach inherent in each division’s past model, with the big difference being the exquisite clarity for both the sales representative and the manager on how to execute these skills effectively.