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Our beliefs and philosophies are grounded in three bestselling books by our founder, Jerry Acuff

The Relationship Edge

The Key to Strategic Influence and Selling Success

New Model of Selling
Selling to an Unsellable Generation
Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer

Improve Sales Effectiveness by Helping Customers Buy

Think Like a Customer​

  • Focus the dialogue on what the customer thinks and believes
  • Changing the dynamic of the sales conversation requires
    • The right mindset
    • The right words
    • An exchange of information
    • Exquisite attention to listening

Business Relationships are Critical

  • Business Relationship are not the same as friendships
  • Business priorities are at the heart of the relationship
  • Customers listen differently based on the depth of the relationship

Sales Managers are The Key

  • Coaching selling skills is uniquely different and more difficult than selling itself
  • Sales Managers are responsible for:
    • Driving representatives’ skill development
    • Driving sales results
    • Creating a culture of continuous learning

Words Matter

  • Small language changes can have dramatic effect
  • Words can open minds or leave them closed
  • Your words reveal your true intent

KMR: Foundation of Sales Excellence

  • Knowledge: the one who knows the most about the situation controls the situation
  • Messaging: How you say what you say
  • Relationships: the type of connections you build and leverage with customers

Power of Continual Learning

  • Marketplaces change, so we too must change
  • Build upon success, learn from mistakes
  • The goal is to reach your potential