Although you might call these “standardized solutions,” there is nothing ordinary about them.

Any of our workshops can be customized.

Delta Points of Sales Excellence

Targets the full range of components that can affect selling success

      Some of the 21 diverse topics include:

  • Using Soft Words to Sell Effectively
  • Transitioning Topics in Sales Conversations
  • Achieve Incredible Things by Setting Goals
  • Positioning Your Product
  • Welcome Objections as Sales Opportunities

Each lesson includes a leader’s guide, participant’s guide and slide deck.

Can be used as independent study or for training the entire district.


More Meaningful Dialogue

Self-directed study on the 3 skills deemed critical for selling success:

  • Openings
    • How to open the call to capture attention
  • Questioning
    • How to ask questions that trigger genuine engagement and meaningful interactions
  • Closing
    • How to close the call with a commitment to action

Each skill is developed through a combination of audio and written lessons covered over a 3-week period


Pathways for Success

In-depth self-paced lessons designed for developing mastery of specific selling skill.

In these lessons, the sales manager’s role is focused on monitoring progress rather than training.

  • Mindset Matters—The Power of Thoughts
  • The Art of Questioning
  • Engage Customers with Your Opening
  • Closing to Gain Commitment

To develop expertise, each skill is developed over a 12-week period.


Coaching Catalyst

Teaches how to coach selling in real time when in the field.

  • Trains managers how to identify strengths and areas to target for development
  • Provides actionable blueprint to improve representatives’ selling skills
  • Complements any sales/coaching model

Intensive 2.5 days of interactive workshops


The Relationship Edge in Business

Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business.” [Dale Carnegie]

  • Learn the 3-step process to building business relationships
  • Discover how to identify and strategically map who to develop relationships with
  • Learn how to leverage the good relationships you’ve already built
  • Uncover shortcuts of how to accelerate the process of building meaningful business relationships

Both an introductory e-Learning course and a customizable instructor-led workshop are available.


Other Customizable Workshops

To help minimize the costs of training sales representatives, we offer these standardized workshops at a competitive rate:

  • Business Relationships—How to build and leverage them
  • Leadership Without Authority
  • Thinking Like a Customer
  • Engendering Thinking
  • Opening the Call
  • Asking Great Questions
  • Telling the Brand Story
  • Responding to Customer Feedback
  • Closing for Commitment
  • Goal Setting
  • Pre-Call and Post-Call Planning
  • Coaching Sales Excellence
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