Your situation is unique. We diagnose the issues by learning about your company and its challenges. We prescribe custom solutions based on your distinctive circumstances, building on your strengths.

Diagnosing the True Issue for Marketing and Sales

Delta Point provides a customized “dose” or elements required to achieve messaging that resonates…

  • Discovery Process
    • Deep dive into brand, competition, perceptions
  • Optimizing Strategy
    • Marketing insights
  • Sales Execution
    • Insights specific to sales
    • Resource recommendations
    • Training and communication plan
  • Example Messaging
    • Sales call components
    • Opening, questioning, closing
    • Most common customer objections

Develop impactful messaging that resonates.

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Sales Force Effectiveness Evaluation

DPI helps your organization unlock potential sales force effectiveness.

  • How effective are your sales representatives?
  • What can be changed to improve productivity and sales?
  • Combines qualitative with quantitative
    • Advance analytic techniques deliver deep insights
  • Delta Point will…
    • Identify strengths, issues and opportunities
    • Create customized roadmap to improve performance
    • Deliver effective and practical solutions

Benchmark selling skills, not just activity.


COPE (Co-Pay Program Excellence)

Designed to optimize the use of co-pay cards.

Different products can be implemented individually or in groups:

  • Co-pay program merchandising training for the sales team
  • Optimization of the benefit structure
  • Program vendor selection
  • Expansion of the reach of the program through direct mail

Contact us to address these and other concerns unique to you.

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Customizable Solutions

  • Sales slumping?
  • Launching a new product?
  • Battling aggressive or generic competition?
  • Sales message not being heard?
  • Lack of selling alignment or focus?
  • Disengaged customers?
  • Brand underperforming?
  • Not sure exactly what the problem is?
Customizable Solutions

Sales Representative Solutions

  • Are sales representatives saying what they should?
    • We can diagnose and assess quality of sales conversations
  • Are sales representatives telling and not selling?
    • We train representatives on the 5 critical components of the sales call, emphasizing the importance of asking the right questions—and actively listening for the response.
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Sales Manager Solutions

  • Are your sales managers effectively developing the selling skills of their representatives?
    • We believe sales managers are the single most important factor in selling success.
  • Coaching selling is uniquely different and exponentially more difficult than selling.
    • We train managers how to coach and teach selling in real time—when they are in the field with their representatives.
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Leadership Solutions

Managers have potential to dramatically improve their leadership skills — and impact upon their teams.

  • Growth of individuals can affect the growth of the bottom line
  • Employees improve after the manager does

Building on our C-Suite experience, Delta Point can…

  • Enhance leadership skills through training and coaching
  • Create environment of engagement
  • Break down existing silos and create alignment toward mutual goals
  • Develop a culture of selling and commercial excellence
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Marketing Solutions

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”  – Seth Godin

  • Are your customers hearing the brand story as it is designed to be heard?
  • Delta Point can help…
    • Redefine the brand story and bring it to life
    • Develop impactful sales messaging
    • Focus on strategic marketing “pull through”
    • Coordinate and align sales and marketing
    • Collaborate with market research vendor and participate in research, tweaking the message to view its impact
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Interested in workshops?

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