13 Phrases that Changed My Life

Technology: Answers at your Fingertips I live to learn from others, so the internet (as for everyone else) has probably been the most powerful learning tool and resource for me. I use it to I read 5 blogs religiously; I receive a business book list every day from readitforme.com; I have a Kindle and Amazon [...]

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Immortality is the Ultimate Lasting Impression

When the “Last Impression” Hits Home Less than a week ago, my dear best friend, Mike Accardi, died unexpectedly of an illness that he only knew about for a week or less. His death is devastating, as he has been a rock in my life for 53 years. Our birthdays were a day apart, and [...]

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Why Aren’t Your Prospects Buying?

As someone who has studied intensely the idea of getting customers to “buy in,” it is more apparent than ever that there are 3 major reasons our prospects don’t buy in. Interestingly, these are rarely acknowledged or recognized by most sales professionals. As a result, I believe it keeps them from being far more successful. [...]

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Stop Trying to Sell. Just Listen

“To sell Jane Brown what Jane Brown buys, you have to see the world through Jane Brown's eyes.” I remember that phrase from several years ago as one of the greatest I’ve ever heard - especially as it relates to thinking like a customer. Of course, it’s much easier said than done. In the process [...]

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US Employees Aren’t Excited About Their Work

“Employee engagement” is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An "engaged employee" is someone who is fully invested in, absorbed by, and passionate about their work. In fact, they are so invested that they take action to improve and further the company’s reputation and interests. It’s obvious why employee engagement [...]

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Soft Skills or Hard Skills: Which is More Vital in Business?

The answer to this trick question is “neither.” They’re equally important in business. Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills Hard skills are the ones we have mastered, such as math, a foreign language, programming, reading, or expertise with powerpoint. These skills are easy to quantify and measure, while soft skills are harder to quantify because they [...]

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Be Intentional About Work

The word “intent” refers to my mindset at the time of a specific action, and it’s something many don’t think about in the workplace context. So, what can be said about working intentionally in 2017? Working In Purpose Today, the mindset of many workers is to work at a place where there is a strong [...]

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3 Things Millennials Can Do To Be Successful In Corporate America

Are Most Millennials Self-Employed? While some research has shown that the majority of millennials want to work for themselves, the reality is that many will have careers in traditional “corporate America.” Having spent 20 years of my life (from 25 to 45) in corporate America, I can tell you that it can be a great [...]

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