Training is Rapidly Changing. Are You?

Training is All About Action I recently spoke at a sales conference for medical devices on the topic of how training is changing, and I made the case that it’s likely for the better. A lot of great training exists out there, and while there’s a lot to go around, making that training stick is [...]

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Why Most People Never Reach Their Full Potential

There is greatness in you. I believe that about every person on the planet. Despite the fact that everyone has greatness built in, the vast majority do not reach their full potential. Zig Ziglar used to say that we were designed for greatness and built to do incredible things. So, why is it so few [...]

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Time is of the Essence in All Relationships

Last week, we celebrated the day of love and romance. I thought we’d take the opportunity to draw some helpful conclusions and likenesses about relationships--both business and personal. Gestures and behaviors that result from being in love or caring for others are invaluable: listening, understanding, sacrifice, attention, patience. These qualities are necessary for the health [...]

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Questions Are the Answer in Selling

The key to selling lies in curiosity about the customer, and curiosity is manifested in questions. Paul Cherry wrote a great book called, “Questions That Sell,” in which he hits home how crucial questions are in selling, influencing, persuading, or convincing others. In other words, questions are asked to help others find out whether or [...]

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Words of Influence

Today, the core of my business is built on the power of words, but it didn’t happen overnight. After years of gaining wisdom from others, I was finally able to put words at the center of my professional philosophy. A Word About Education It all started in college, when I was an English major at [...]

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Your Business Relationships Need Attention

Professional Connections Take Time It’s almost the end of January, which means many people have likely abandoned their resolutions. I’m here for a quick reminder of one resolution in particular that will help you maintain a strong professional year. Don’t “Ghost” Your Business Connections or Prospects “Ghosting” refers to the ending of a relationship (in [...]

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How Goal Setting Changed My Life

Life is a series of ups and downs for basically everyone, both personally and professionally. Rarely do people find success without ever having faced some hard times. On paper, underneath my listed accomplishments and accolades, it may look as though I never struggled, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Struggle Was Real [...]

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Tiny Tweaks Have Big Impacts

New Year's resolutions are something we could all get better at. Most people start the new year with a plan. They make dramatic changes to their schedules, diets, exercise routines, and whatever else they want to improve. However, by the end of January, they burn out. The big changes they made weren’t sustainable—too much, too [...]

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