How I Built a 7-Figure Business

A Million-Dollar Lesson In 2002, I ran into a guy I used to work with many years before. As we got to talking, he asked what my new company’s revenue was. I said, “About half a million dollars.”  His response shocked me. “Is that all?” he said. “Is that all? I think half a million dollars [...]

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What’s Your Authentic Style of Selling?

Practicing Persistence Back in the 1980s, I learned a valuable lesson about selling. I was in the process of hiring my first salesman at the company I worked for. He wasn’t originally in the mix of candidates because I already had someone in mind, who I thought was perfect for the role. I got home [...]

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How To Manage Your Most Important Relationships

Business relationships are critical to helping us succeed, but we don’t always put the work in to cultivate the most important ones. Thus, we miss out on leveraging those relationships for mutual benefit. There are a lot of people I know, but there are few with whom I have close business relationships. That doesn’t mean [...]

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From Lousy To Great At Selling: I Did It. Here’s How.

Back when I first started selling, I was lousy. In fact, I failed at selling life insurance in just 3 months. I then took a job selling Lipton Tea in West Tennessee and thought that calling on grocery store chains and owners would be something I could do. I had a terrific boss (Miles Boyd), [...]

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The Essentials of Training

While we conduct training that encompasses ½ a day or 2 ½ half days, we have learned to make it a fun, highly interactive, and participative process. This is what our clients want. A lot of what we have learned about new training methods come from the words of my friend and mentor, Brad Lea, [...]

3 Tips for New Leaders

Last week, I was honored to be a guest on Kevin Kruse’s podcast. One of the best leadership experts in the world and author of 6 New York Times Best Sellers, Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and one heck of a nice man. His last question to me was, “What advice do you give to [...]

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Delta Point Names New President

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Murphy to the position of President at Delta Point, Inc.  Matt has been an integral part of growing Delta Point’s business over the last 7 ½ years and has been a valuable partner to many life sciences organizations in the general care, specialty care and rare [...]

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The Buzz on Being A Winner

There is no one else I know more passionate about “getting better” than my friend, Coach Buzz Williams. Buzz, who is the basketball coach at Virginia Tech, has given new life to the program there within the last 4 years. As of this year, his team has won 20 games for the third year in [...]

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