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    Situation: An oncology sales team, that DPI has partnered with for over 5 years, was about to experience new competitive entries and asked DPI to develop training to elevate competitive selling skills.

    The company wanted to prepare their teams to outperform the competition in this highly competitive and minimally differentiated market. To do so, they believed that in addition to clinical knowledge, the sales team needed to be superior in how they communicated, engaged, and had a lasting impact with customers. To outperform the competition without head-to-head product data, these practices needed to include changing the dialogue and creating noticeable differences in how the sales representatives show up with the customer.
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    Delta Point Solution: DPI worked with Sales Training, Sales Leadership, and Marketing to develop a robust plan. This included internal communications such as a whiteboard animation and socialization deck that introduced the initiative, plan, and expectations. DPI reinforced the important role of the leaders as the linchpin to competitive selling success. Even before rolling out training to the sales representatives, DPI elevated the skills of the leadership team at live meetings (two within six months) using case studies, role-play of coaching conversations, and virtual coaching corners on key topics. The initiative was introduced to the sales representatives during a national sales meeting keynote by DPI CEO Jerry Acuff. The field sales team was provided on-demand micro-learning opportunities through modules and podcasts on influence and persuasion, virtual workshops, and knowledge checks. The leaders, first- and second-line managers, were provided tools to support their ownership of competitive selling excellence at the regional and district level, such as coaching guides and discussions forums. DPI followed up the training with DPI-led and leadership-sponsored Ask the Expert session as well as brand-specific example sales language to demonstrate ‘what great looks like’.
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    Results: This initiative was a 1+ year commitment as the coaches became the experts and competitive excellence was embedded within the company culture. As the sales team’s confidence, commitment, and communication skills continued to elevate over time, they were able to more effectively engage their customer. The oncology team was able to successfully maintain or grow their share of the market even in the face of competitive entries.