The Delta Point story

It all started with one man and one idea. Read our story to learn how Delta Point emerged from its humble beginnings to an internationally recognized organization, earning recognition for providing exceptional products and outstanding customer service.

From Humble Beginnings to International Success

It all started with one man and an idea—of how to implement change and make it stick. That man was Jerry Acuff, our CEO and founder, who is currently recognized as one of the top five sales professionals in the world and one of the fifty best sales people of all time (joining the ranks of Steve Jobs, Ben Franklin, and Dale Carnegie).

During this short time—in a highly recognized industry—Delta Point has grown from small startup firm to an internationally recognized sales/marketing consulting organization. We can proudly state that we have consulted on more than 100 pharmaceutical/biotechnology brands, including 8 of the top 12 brands in the world.

Since 2001, when Delta Point was founded, we have experienced significant change. Our original focus was change management, and thus the website for Delta Point was christened as  Since then we’ve grown to provide services across the customer experience spectrum, focusing on Selling Excellence, Strategic Positioning, Sales Messaging, Building Business Relationships, Sales Training, Coaching Selling Excellence, Training, and Leadership Development—for both First Line Sales Managers and Business Executives.

A large part of our success has been our leader’s focus on the three interdependent yet separate components that comprise sales excellence: Knowledge, Messaging, and Relationships. It was that Business Relationship component that led Jerry Acuff to create Delta Point, Inc. Throughout his successful career (from sales representative to VP and General Manager at Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals), Jerry developed meaningful business relationships with colleagues and customers. It was no surprise that he was approached by a former customer, a leader from a large, global pharmaceutical company, who asked for his help to transform and change a marketing team of 67 people from a culture lacking accountability to one of total accountability. This project was so successful that Delta Point was asked to take on another challenge with the same team.  

This next project was providential—for it led to a change in Delta Point’s focus. They requested help in growing the sales of their major brand, which was facing some rather significant hurdles.  We worked together to create compelling sales messages, and we soon learned that this was an area where we could truly make a difference.  That brand saw dramatic improvements in just six months.  In the following three years during which we continued our collaboration, their brand sales grew from $350 million to over $1 billion.

During our 4-year partnership with a struggling brand, sales grew from $350M to over $1,000M

Delta Point had discovered its niche—to help brands which are at a critical juncture point and cannot afford to fail.  We started to work with other struggling brands which needed to grow market share by focusing on the language and words used by the sales organization during customer interactions.

At Delta Point, we truly believe Words Matter, and this is certainly the case when conveying the unique benefits and risk profile of a brand to potential customers.  In the summer of 2002, Delta Point expanded that niche with our first product launch.  We worked with a mid-sized biotechnology organization to create the sales messaging for their new hepatitis C product.  Working together yielded great results. The company projected first year sales of 26% of the market.  Through our partnership, the product sales exceeded that by a substantial amount, reaching 60% market share.  

Projected first year sales of the launch brand was 26% market share. With Delta Point’s help, we attained 60%!

Through word of mouth and our business relationships, Delta Point was receiving recognition among biopharmaceutical companies as the consulting firm that truly understood this regulated industry, customer nuances and the marketplace.  We knew how to crack the code on what it takes to drive customer engagement and deliver breakthrough results.  We continued to grow, and we welcomed the opportunity to work on a number of blockbuster brands.

Delta Point cracked the code on what it takes to drive customer engagement and deliver breakthrough results.

To what do we attribute Delta Point’s success?  There are many factors, but we’d have to say it is the people who are at the core of our success—our team and our customers, who are truly amazing.  Delta Point’s consultants and leaders have a minimum of 12 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. Most of us started as sales representatives and progressed into marketing, training, sales leadership and some, to the executive levels.

Although we have one of the most diverse and in-depth portfolio of experiences in the life sciences industry, we have expanded our client base to include other industries, such as computer technology, financial services, and facilities management organizations.  We provide our customers with the right tools, suggested verbiage and resources to help them understand and implement change.  Our objective is to help our customers succeed—because we don’t succeed unless they do.  We take this responsibility very seriously, but it is our customers who must deliver the flawless execution.  It is truly a team effort. We have accomplished much since 2001—and are excited to imagine what differences we can make in the future.