Words Matter. Especially the Bad Ones.

On the back of my business card, you’ll see the phrase, “Words Matter.” I stand by this saying, because words do make a difference. From employer to employee, friend to friend, person to person, words can have an impact on someone’s day, week, or even reputation. That said, there is a time and a place [...]

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5 Tips for Words to Leave Lingering Impressions

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” Experts tell us that this old saying is wrong. Words are indeed powerful—and can hurt more than sticks and stones. What we say matters. It seems we often underestimate the power of words—which is quite risky to do when selling.

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What We Can Learn From Super Bowl 50: Words Still Matter

Super Bowl 50 was the third most watched show in TV history. But it’s over. All that hype, buildup and excitement that led to Sunday’s game has ended. Yet it’s still a topic of conversation. But instead of talking about the plays, or how great the defense was, or if this was Peyton Manning’s last game, there’s a lot of conversation about what happened after the game. Specifically, I’m referring to Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton’s post-game interview.

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How to Better Engage the “I’m Too Busy” Customer

It’s become more and more common to hear healthcare practitioners say, “I’m too busy to talk” when they are approached by sales representatives. This can be understandable if you consider the situation from the practitioner’s point of view—they are under pressure to see more patients in less time than they probably would like. Understanding the origin of this time constraint is a great place to start but the question remains, how can you use this knowledge to better engage them in a meaningful discussion of your product?

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How To Ask More Effective Questions—By Tapping Into Your Innate Human Quality

Asking effective questions can be challenging. It’s a skill that professional talk show hosts and news interviewers spend years honing and refining. So how can we make it easier on ourselves to ask great questions? After I read Dan Rockwell’s blog, “How To Develop Feelings Of Curiosity”, I thought one solution might be to leverage our innate curiosity.

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“I only have 30 seconds”

“I only have 30 seconds.” Unfortunately, this is something that physicians tend to say with some regularity to representatives. So what exactly can you accomplish in 30 seconds? Quite a bit if you view this short amount of time as the opportunity it is. A good start is to understand why you are limited to 30 seconds. It’s probably due to the inane conversations this doctor has had with other sales representatives. Unfortunately, what these representatives had to say could actually be captured in 30 seconds and the physician’s time is too valuable to give any more than that for future conversations.

Curiosity as a Competency

Do you remember how inquisitive you were as a child? It seems that little ones are constantly asking questions and seeking to learn more. Too bad we had that curiosity drilled out of us over the years, because it seems that this character trait will help us be more successful as adults.

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What and How – Communication Keys

Words Matter! It’s an important mantra around here at Delta Point. I’m a big proponent of investing the time to choose just the right words when communicating. And in today’s technological world, it seems that words are gaining in importance as we connect with others whether via email or social media. In these cases, it’s all about the words because you can only interpret what is printed on the page or screen.