You just hired the best of the best, so why might you still need a sales model?

“We hire the best of the best. We make sure before we hire sales representatives that they have exceptional selling experience. So why do we need to invest in a sales model?” Sounds like a logical argument, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s built on false assumptions and misunderstandings about what is involved in creating a culture of selling excellence.

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When Your Customer’s Close Relationship with the Competition Hinders Your Sale

Those of us in sales know we’ll face obstacles daily. We’re prepared to respond to most of the objections we’ll likely encounter. But we’re often caught off guard when the obstacle is the strong relationship a customer has with our competition.

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Questioning is the Answer

“Want to be more innovative? Ask better questions”. That’s the title of a blog by Leigh Buchanan. Asking better questions seems to be the answer to a wide variety of things we want to accomplish in selling, such as

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What Great Sales People and Great Leaders have in Common

As I was rereading Tom Asacker’s book, The Business of Beliefs, I was reminded that great sales people and great leaders really aren’t that different.

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Selling Tips from the movie: Miracle on 34th Street

As customers, we respect people who truly want to discover what we want...not necessarily what we need...but what we want. From time to time, people want something different than what we are selling. There is no greater opportunity to earn respect than to help them understand that while they may think we have what they want, we really don't.

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Demonstrate your Unselfish Nature

We love unselfish people…we respect them and their uniqueness. When we meet someone who has overtly proven they are selfless, we find ourselves admiring them and/or praising their unselfish behavior (like the homeless person who turns in a wallet with thousands of dollars in it).

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5 Ways to be Persistent and not Aggressive

How do we draw the line between being persistent and being aggressive? To succeed in almost anything we do, it is likely that we need that dogged determination and persistence to overcome obstacles. And if we are involved in any complex selling, we expect to call on our customers multiple times before we make the sale. So how do we know when we have crossed the line and become aggressive? These simple rules about being persistent may help you distinguish between the two:

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You have a great personality…You should be in sales

“You have a great personality. You should be in sales.” Whoever said this does not understand that selling is a thinking person’s game. It is true that having a good personality and being likeable can help you build those essential business relationships but your personality is not the “be all – end all” to being a successful sales person.

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