How to Better Engage the “I’m Too Busy” Customer

It’s become more and more common to hear healthcare practitioners say, “I’m too busy to talk” when they are approached by sales representatives. This can be understandable if you consider the situation from the practitioner’s point of view—they are under pressure to see more patients in less time than they probably would like. Understanding the origin of this time constraint is a great place to start but the question remains, how can you use this knowledge to better engage them in a meaningful discussion of your product?

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What’s Wrong with Sales Training and How to Fix It

After investing time, effort and considerable resources to design and train their sales force, corporations often find that the training just doesn't stick. What went wrong? And how can they fix it? Although there could be numerous reasons why the sales representatives don’t follow through on their training, one of the more obvious—and often overlooked—reasons is how they train the sales managers. Or should I say, how they neglect to train the sales managers and/or get their buy-in.

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You just hired the best of the best, so why might you still need a sales model?

“We hire the best of the best. We make sure before we hire sales representatives that they have exceptional selling experience. So why do we need to invest in a sales model?” Sounds like a logical argument, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s built on false assumptions and misunderstandings about what is involved in creating a culture of selling excellence.

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Death by Training—Cause Identified

Undoubtedly you've witnessed this: People attend a great training event; they leave the training all energized and enthusiastic to apply what they learn. And then 6 weeks later, there is no change. People are not implementing the teachings but doing things the way they have always done them. What happened?

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Training vs. Educating—Aren’t they the Same?

In his recent blog about training versus educating (Training is Out. Education is In. Are You In or Out?), Gitomer made some interesting points about corporate training which are worthy of further discussion and thought. To begin with, I applaud his emphasis on educating. Educating goes beyond training and changes a person’s mindset. When you focus on educating the objective changes—the goal is more intellectual. You want to provoke thought so that the learning becomes internalized and the resulting behavior change becomes ingrained. I love how Gitomer describes training as something you do with animals...

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