What’s Your Authentic Style of Selling?

Practicing Persistence Back in the 1980s, I learned a valuable lesson about selling. I was in the process of hiring my first salesman at the company I worked for. He wasn’t originally in the mix of candidates because I already had someone in mind, who I thought was perfect for the role. I got home [...]

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Time is of the Essence in All Relationships

Last week, we celebrated the day of love and romance. I thought we’d take the opportunity to draw some helpful conclusions and likenesses about relationships--both business and personal. Gestures and behaviors that result from being in love or caring for others are invaluable: listening, understanding, sacrifice, attention, patience. These qualities are necessary for the health [...]

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What is the Relationship Edge and How Does it Give us an “Edge”?

My very first book was called The Relationship Edge. I learned years ago that I could get an edge in business IF customers and prospects valued a relationship with me. That edge would ultimately turn out to be a catalyst for my success in sales and in management. People do buy from, follow and listen to people who [...]

Putting the Link in LinkedIn

One of the things I enjoy most is meeting young, talented individuals who are entering the workforce with an eye on sales and sales leadership.  In fact, I enjoy it so much, I have volunteered to teach a class twice a year for the past 12 years at a University in the Midwest. The Dean [...]

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‘Tis the Season

This time of year is a joyous time for most and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a time for giving gifts to those who are close to us and those who we appreciate. And it’s in this spirit of gift giving, that I’d like to propose that the greatest gift one could ever receive, is when someone shows us that having a relationship with us is something of true value to them.

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What We Can Learn About Selling from Politicians’ Mistakes

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of trust in what politicians say these days. Fact finders seem to devote much of their time to researching what politicians claim and then explaining what the real “truth” is. That’s probably one of the reasons folks seem so angry and upset during this election period and many claim to be “turned off” to the whole process. That lack of trust is a big factor—and something that we should recognize when selling.

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The “One-Minute” Call: Messaging Challenge or Relationship Issue?

We hear it constantly. Sales representatives say, “I need something new to say because I can’t get more than a few seconds with my customer.” It’s easy to put the blame on the message. But in reality, the problem may not be your messaging—but rather your relationship.

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Don’t Confuse Friendships and Business Relationships

We tend to do business with those we like. This makes sense—so much so that many of us feel this way almost instinctively. This belief has been validated by numerous experts, articles and research. However, this often cited phrase has led many in sales to develop friendships with customers. Developing a friendship is not the same as building a meaningful business relationship—and that distinction is important because you won’t get the same results.

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