Trust and Competence—Why Leaders Need Them

When I read Dan Rockwell’s blog The 7 Judgments All Leaders Face, I was impressed by how Rockwell categorized these 7 judgments into 2 essential qualities of leadership—warmth and competence. Those aren’t the adjectives most people would use to describe leaders. Although I would tweak these qualities slightly (to trust and competence), I believe these are worthy of further discussion.

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My 5 Life Lessons

“There is greatness in you. You will be whatever you resolve to be. Resolve to be incredible…. every day and on every play. Then and only then will you have lived with no regrets.” This quote summarizes what I recently shared with basketball players at Marquette University. When contemplating what to say, I thought it made sense to share advice that I wish I had received when I was twenty years old.

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