The Essentials of Training

While we conduct training that encompasses ½ a day or 2 ½ half days, we have learned to make it a fun, highly interactive, and participative process. This is what our clients want. A lot of what we have learned about new training methods come from the words of my friend and mentor, Brad Lea, [...]

5 Qualities of a Greatness

As we were winding up our discussion about what makes a great consultant at Delta Point, some of our newer consultants voiced their opinion about how these characteristics could be viewed as a roadmap of how to be great at selling. We think it’s an idea worth sharing. In my view, there are 5 qualities which all great consultants share—especially those at Delta Point. A great consultant is someone who…

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Curiosity as a Competency

Do you remember how inquisitive you were as a child? It seems that little ones are constantly asking questions and seeking to learn more. Too bad we had that curiosity drilled out of us over the years, because it seems that this character trait will help us be more successful as adults.

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Key to Business Success Identified in 1990

Change is a constant in today’s business environment. That’s why I value those rules/laws/insights that stand the test of time. In the recent Harvard Business Review blog The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners, author Bill Taylor refers to the speech John W. Gardner delivered in 1990 to McKinsey & Co. which has been described as one of the most influential business speeches of all time.