Wisdom Flows Both Ways

Reverse Mentorship: How Wisdom Can Flow Both Ways Wisdom isn’t exclusive to those who have lived longer; younger people have a lot to offer, and are filled with their own kind of wisdom. It’s most beneficial when we seek knowledge and perspective from those different from us, which means, we reach out to those younger [...]

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What We Can Learn About Selling from Politicians’ Mistakes

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of trust in what politicians say these days. Fact finders seem to devote much of their time to researching what politicians claim and then explaining what the real “truth” is. That’s probably one of the reasons folks seem so angry and upset during this election period and many claim to be “turned off” to the whole process. That lack of trust is a big factor—and something that we should recognize when selling.

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Share Your Knowledge Appropriately

Be a learned person with some expertise and share your knowledge when appropriate. That’s what our customers and prospects are looking for. They want to do business with people who have exceptional knowledge and/or expertise. It’s obvious that no one wants to do business with someone who is stupid or ignorant. But it is also equally obvious that no one wants to do business with someone who acts so superior in their knowledge that no one would want to talk to them.

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5 Ways to Effectively Share your Knowledge

One way to gain respect from our business colleagues and customers is to share our knowledge with them. But we need to be careful how we do this. We don’t want to come across as a “know it all” but we do want to effectively communicate those areas that we have some expertise in. This is especially true in a sales situation, for this is what selling is all about.

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The 7 Business Relationship Truths Everyone Should Know

H Ross Perot is credited with saying, “business is a cobweb of human relationships.” Despite the prevalence of social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to connect us, people seem more confused than ever about how to form relationships. Regardless of how much we may want to be connected online, we still need that human interaction in person to fulfill our needs as individuals.

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5 Ways To Talk So Customers Will Listen

It is impossible to persuade or influence someone if they don’t listen to what you say. So before you can attempt to sell your product, you first have to get your customers to listen to you. This is not as easy as it sounds. It is hard to give someone your undivided attention yet very easy for customers/ prospects to become distracted and/or to multitask when they talk to sales people. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your potential customers will listen to what you have to say.

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The 4 Reasons Customers Won’t Buy

We have all encountered it—despite our best efforts, there is no sale. When this occurs, I’ve found it helpful to think about what happened in terms of why didn’t my customer buy my product instead of why didn’t I make the sale.

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Your Sales Call will Fail Unless….

With so much at stake with each sales interaction, why do reps set themselves up for failure? I’m referring to their lack of planning and delivering a great opening. As I have often said, “A great opening does not make a great call but without a great opening you won't have a great call.”

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