From Sad Salesman to Soaring Success

From Sad Salesman to Soaring Success Your Career Trajectory Can Change. Just. Like. That. I started my sales career right out of college, with Mutual of New York. I lasted 3 months, and we parted ways. I hated selling. Because naturally, I am not a pushy and aggressive person. In fact, I’m quite the opposite [...]

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The Guide to Using Goals When Nothing Else is Working

Getting Where You Want To Be About 6 weeks ago, I received a call from a sales rep from one of our clients, and he wanted my advice on how to land the real role he wanted--one that had eluded him for 17 years. He wanted to be in the Medical Group at a company [...]

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How I Built a 7-Figure Business

A Million-Dollar Lesson In 2002, I ran into a guy I used to work with many years before. As we got to talking, he asked what my new company’s revenue was. I said, “About half a million dollars.”  His response shocked me. “Is that all?” he said. “Is that all? I think half a million dollars [...]

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The Essentials of Training

While we conduct training that encompasses ½ a day or 2 ½ half days, we have learned to make it a fun, highly interactive, and participative process. This is what our clients want. A lot of what we have learned about new training methods come from the words of my friend and mentor, Brad Lea, [...]

Why Most People Never Reach Their Full Potential

There is greatness in you. I believe that about every person on the planet. Despite the fact that everyone has greatness built in, the vast majority do not reach their full potential. Zig Ziglar used to say that we were designed for greatness and built to do incredible things. So, why is it so few [...]

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How Goal Setting Changed My Life

Life is a series of ups and downs for basically everyone, both personally and professionally. Rarely do people find success without ever having faced some hard times. On paper, underneath my listed accomplishments and accolades, it may look as though I never struggled, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Struggle Was Real [...]

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Some Things (Should) Never Change.

The pace of change in our world today is faster than ever. Technology, the internet, innovative thinking and just old-fashioned ingenuity all play a role in how rapidly the world is transforming. Just 30 years ago, things were different. There were pay phones; today, they don't exist. Many bookstores are now out of business, while [...]

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7 Words that Can Block Your Goals

A great thinker and plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, wrote a book solely focused on the topic of setting and achieving stretch goals, called, “Psycho Cybernetics,” which I have read 69 times in the last 35 years. Fascinated with the concept of self image, Dr. Maltz believed that the self image is what controls the [...]

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