Success is a Team Sport: The 3 Qualities of a Great Team

The Villanova win in March Madness was amazing to watch—especially with our regional office located in nearby Malvern, PA. What a game and such excitement till the last second! No wonder the fans went wild. Great win for a team based in teamwork and respect for their coach. It reminded me of another great basketball game between Virginia Tech and Florida State I was privileged to watch in person. It also kept you on the edge of your seat—with less than 9 minutes remaining in the game, the Virginia Tech Hokies trailed 64-58. Yet they won the game with a score of 83 to 73. Florida State had better players and more talent yet they lost. What made the difference? Teamwork.

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Collaborate Your Way to Selling Success

We don’t normally hear much about how collaborating in selling can help us be more successful. After all, organizations seem to foster competition - compensation is based on sales results, rankings of sales representatives are frequently posted and publicized and motivation is often focused on competition.

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