Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Your Friends Have Skills You Might Be Missing

Like-Minded Professionals with Like-Minded Audiences Last week, I had the honor of spending all day with 2 of the most successful and dynamic people I have ever met. All 3 of us are launching our online virtual training programs on the best virtual training platform there is in our opinion--Lightspeed VT. Tony Capullo, my business [...]

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How To Manage Your Most Important Relationships

Business relationships are critical to helping us succeed, but we don’t always put the work in to cultivate the most important ones. Thus, we miss out on leveraging those relationships for mutual benefit. There are a lot of people I know, but there are few with whom I have close business relationships. That doesn’t mean [...]

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Your Business Relationships Need Attention

Professional Connections Take Time It’s almost the end of January, which means many people have likely abandoned their resolutions. I’m here for a quick reminder of one resolution in particular that will help you maintain a strong professional year. Don’t “Ghost” Your Business Connections or Prospects “Ghosting” refers to the ending of a relationship (in [...]

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Immortality is the Ultimate Lasting Impression

When the “Last Impression” Hits Home Less than a week ago, my dear best friend, Mike Accardi, died unexpectedly of an illness that he only knew about for a week or less. His death is devastating, as he has been a rock in my life for 53 years. Our birthdays were a day apart, and [...]

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3 Ways Millennials are Vastly Misunderstood and Underestimated

I’ve been asked in several radio interviews about studies reporting on how Millennials are seen as lacking life skills. Apparently, these studies show that the millennial generation is deficient at small talk, cooking, balancing a checkbook, and writing resumes. I won't disrespect their research, but in my experience with Millennials, I am convinced that far [...]

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3 Strategies for Achieving Greatness

  This week, I received a text from a very smart, ambitious college sophomore, whom I also mentor. In his words, he was trying to "figure some things out" but didn't know exactly what to ask from me. He has another mentor, who happens to be a dear friend of mine and a brilliant leadership [...]

The Power of Relationships in a Job Search

Follow-Ups Shouldn’t Come Years Later Every week, it seems that I get 3 or 4 phone calls requesting help in finding a job. More often than not, the individual wanting my help either doesn’t know me personally, or does know me but has not connected with me in a number of years. This week in [...]

Millennials and Boomers: Making Music at Work Together

Facing the Millennial Music I know for certain that baby boomers and millennials, in literal terms, almost always listen to different music. These differences in musical preferences are stark in many cases and are even analogous for the differences between the two generations in the workplace. But it is quite possible that, working together, these [...]