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Episode 6: The Rain, the Park, and Other Things (Guest: Dan Snyder)

Jerry trades places with Dan Snyder this week to sit in the hot seat as Dan asks Jerry about his experiences- how he started his first company, the hardships he had to overcome to get there, and how he’s managed to stay successful in an ever-changing environment. Jerry reveals the four things you need to [...]

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Episode 5: Hearing and Listening (Guest: Dan Snyder)

Jerry talks to Delta Point Medical Director Dan Snyder about the difference between hearing and listening, why it's more important to be heard than to hear, and how you can learn to suspend your assumption bias to start thinking like a customer.

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Episode 4: The Question for Sales Leaders

To coach or to sell? That's the question as Jerry talks to Matt Murphy, vice president at Delta Point. Should you be focused on training your team members, or should you be focused on generating sales and leads? Also, what's one of the clearest metrics you should track to tell if you're doing a good [...]

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Episode 3: The Three Questions to Clear the Mind (Guest: Jude Acuff)

Jerry discusses how introverts can be great salespeople, and he's speaking from experience. From being afraid to leave his car to making a phone call, Jerry tells how he learned to look at selling in a completely different way which changed everything. His guest is his brother Jude Acuff, who explains the three questions you [...]

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Episode 2: The Five Keys for Aspiring Leaders (Guest: Duggar Baucom – Head Coach of The Citadel)

Jerry shares his five keys for aspiring leaders and the importance of finding success in your followers success before inviting Citadel College Basketball Head Coach Duggar Baucom onto the show to discuss what it’s like to lead young people today and the leadership lessons he’s learned that have helped drive his team’s success both on [...]

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Episode 1: The Three Tenements Of Leadership With Andre Thornton

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Jerry Acuff Show! Jerry introduces himself to discuss the show format and the three tenements of great leadership before inviting Whitman Consulting CEO Andre Thornton on to the show to share his journey and the his three steps to becoming a great leader.

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How To Manage Your Most Important Relationships

Business relationships are critical to helping us succeed, but we don’t always put the work in to cultivate the most important ones. Thus, we miss out on leveraging those relationships for mutual benefit. There are a lot of people I know, but there are few with whom I have close business relationships. That doesn’t mean [...]

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From Lousy To Great At Selling: I Did It. Here’s How.

Back when I first started selling, I was lousy. In fact, I failed at selling life insurance in just 3 months. I then took a job selling Lipton Tea in West Tennessee and thought that calling on grocery store chains and owners would be something I could do. I had a terrific boss (Miles Boyd), [...]

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