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Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying In

The View from Above Last week I flew from Dallas to Charlotte and had the pleasure of getting a middle seat in coach. Coach is where I often sit but I try and avoid a middle seat at all costs. But on this trip, I was glad I got that middle seat. I found myself [...]

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Don’t Let Tomorrow Get Ahead of You

Use Today’s Virtual Training for Tomorrow’s Success Keeping pace with tomorrow is getting harder and harder, but it's more important today than ever before. All of us, especially as adults, have to keep learning and growing, or the world will pass us by. The internet and the amount of information out there explodes daily in [...]

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From Sad Salesman to Soaring Success

From Sad Salesman to Soaring Success Your Career Trajectory Can Change. Just. Like. That. I started my sales career right out of college, with Mutual of New York. I lasted 3 months, and we parted ways. I hated selling. Because naturally, I am not a pushy and aggressive person. In fact, I’m quite the opposite [...]

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The Guide to Using Goals When Nothing Else is Working

Getting Where You Want To Be About 6 weeks ago, I received a call from a sales rep from one of our clients, and he wanted my advice on how to land the real role he wanted--one that had eluded him for 17 years. He wanted to be in the Medical Group at a company [...]

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Introvert By Nature, Salesman By Choice

Use Your Unique Qualities for Long Term Success. I have a confession. As a sales expert, you would likely expect me to be an extrovert. Well, you’d be wrong. My confession is: I am an introvert by nature. An introverted salesperson? Weird. It’s true, and it’s why I am successful today. The Introvert’s Advantage I [...]

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Episode 28: Next Steps with David Mammano

One thing leads to another...that's one of the lessons you can learn when you look at the career of David Mammano. Hear about how bouncing from passion to passion finally brought him around to his true love of selling, and how a phone call out of the blue completely altered the course of his life [...]

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Episode 27: Virtual Success with Tony Capullo

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and small business is developing the talent of your employees. With all the time spent running the business, are you able to spare an employee for endless seminars to help them improve? This is where Tony Capullo and Lightspeed VT step in. Tony talks about how he went [...]

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Episode 26: Fanning the Flames with Jeremy Veatch

Jeremy Veatch is a business adviser, management consultant, and the founder of his own consulting firm "Ironwood Ventures," but he doesn't think of himself as an entrepreneur. He believes in fanning the flames instead of starting the fire. He also believes taking on capital can be a bad thing, that raising the stakes changes the [...]

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