While we conduct training that encompasses ½ a day or 2 ½ half days, we have learned to make it a fun, highly interactive, and participative process. This is what our clients want. A lot of what we have learned about new training methods come from the words of my friend and mentor, Brad Lea, who says that great training has 4 key components. Without any one of them, the likelihood that your behavior will experience change is very small.


Great training MUST have:

  1. World-Class Content
  2. Repetition
  3. Practice
  4. Accountability

Ever since I learned this from Brad, we have changed our training to encompass all 4 elements. Before that, we only had world class content, some (though minimal) repetition, and virtually no practice or accountability. Brad is an expert on this subject because he built LightSpeed VT around these 4 principles. It’s why we created Jerry Acuff VT, my own virtual training platform.

In it, you’ll find 125 lessons accessible 24/7 with everything I currently know about goal setting, selling excellence (without being pushy or aggressive), and building valuable business relationships (even if people don’t like you, ha). We even teach how you coach selling in the field in real time.

This article was originally published and can be viewed in its entirety at JerryAcuff.com.