I must confess I am a college basketball fanatic. Four of my favorite people in the world are successful head coaches at Division I universities.

Besides getting to know their talented assistants and players, I find being around great coaches and players to be an incredible learning opportunity. I highly recommend that you follow Buzz Williams, Herb Sendek, Duggar Baucom and Dan Earl. They are brilliant leaders and coaches. They are all different in their style of play but they share at least one common trait—they know how to get the best out of their team. They are incredible at what they do.

This past week I was riveted to the NCAA Final Four and I was rooting for South Carolina because I know Coach Baucom thinks the world of Frank Martin, their head coach. I have never met Coach Martin but I hope to one day. As I watched his post-game interview after they lost a very close game to Gonzaga in the Final Four, I was blown away by his perspective on the loss. I hope you will watch it on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92sph5Cdb6I) because it is the personification of leadership and excellence. His message to his players was you don’t have to win championships to be a champion. To be a champion you need to impact others’ lives in a meaningful way. Those young men in that losing locker room are champions and they are so fortunate to have Frank Martin as a coach.

His own story about his rise to coaching greatness is a study in itself about being incredible in all that you do. Not surprisingly, his message to those young men was insightful, heartfelt and powerfully true.

In life we don’t always win. In fact, in life we lose more often than we win in many professions such as selling. The key is to strive to be a champion in all we do. I often end my speeches and talks with client audiences by imploring the attendees to “be incredible”. If we always strive to be incredible at whatever we do we will always be champions!

Just ask Frank Martin!! He and his team are champions!