I spend a fair amount of time with college football and basketball players and sometimes their coaches. I played football in college and our team won only 2 games in all 3 years that I played. In fact, one year we did not win a game. I learned a lot from that experience and my entire college experience at the Virginia Military Institute, which has meant so much to me, including all those losses.

One of the most important things I learned was to look forward far more often than I look backward. I heard someone say that there is a reason that the rear view mirror in a car is small and the windshield is big – because life is about looking ahead. Certainly, I want to learn from my experiences and that does indeed require that I look backward for the important lessons I have learned. But once I grasp the lesson, and I try and do that quickly, I focus on how that new knowledge… that experience… helps me move forward so I can accomplish more.

Great athletes in team sports have to have amnesia to stay at peak performance in a game. As soon as they make a mistake (fumble, throw an interception, turn the ball over, make a stupid foul or take a lousy shot) the next play has already started. If they allow themselves time to think about their mistake, they can’t exert a peak performance on the next play. And the next play, or in sales the next call, could be the one that changes everything.

So the question is, how can we put forth a peak performance if we are focusing backwards and not forward?  First and foremost, to be a peak performer and to always be moving forward, one must embrace a “get better” attitude. No one teaches that more sincerely and passionately than Buzz Williams, the Head basketball coach at Virginia Tech. Buzz guides his players, and me as a huge fan and friend, to find a way each and every day to become stronger at a skill that is important to one’s future success.  And I have learned from his guidance and my own journey that we cannot get better at anything unless we are looking forward and planning for what exactly we need to do to get better.  

I also realized a long time ago that for me to get better, I have to do a better job of helping my clients apply what they learn.  It is a realization and goal that I focus on each and every day. As such, I have been diligently studying this concept and what I have learned is that to apply anything new, we need practice and repetition.

To act upon that realization, I am in the process of creating a Virtual Training Hub for my clients and followers who want to be students of their craft by applying what they learn about selling, coaching, and relationship building excellence. I plan to have 5 different curricula in this new offering:

  • Selling Excellence
  • Coaching Selling Excellence
  • Building Valuable Business Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Setting and Achieving Stretch Goals.

I will share everything I know about these 5 topics via a web-based Virtual Training platform that is world class. I am extremely excited about this undertaking and know it will help our clients get better, and as such, me as well.

Is it easy? No. Is it risky? I don’t think so. And even if it is risky, I know it is what I must do to get better in the future because my future is like yours – it’s in front of me! Stay tuned for details about how you can learn more about this new offering should you have an interest. Virtual learning is quickly becoming the way of the world and it has the power to help us educate ourselves like never before.