This week’s blog written by Delta Point VP, Dean Hart.


Next week in Dallas, Delta Point will hold our second, public, leadership seminar on how to more effectively coach selling success in the field. We have named this strategically important leadership seminar, “Coaching Catalyst”, because we believe that great coaches need to be a true catalyst for their sales specialists’ selling success. The challenge becomes when we have insufficient expertise to be that catalyst.

Interestingly, the term “coach” comes from the early 1800’s when people would take a “coach” to get somewhere more quickly and easily rather than walking. By the mid 1800’s the term coach began to mean “private tutor”.  In essence, we as sales leaders are really our team’s private tutor. The first challenge in serving that role for our people is having great self-awareness of just exactly how skilled we are as a private tutor of selling capabilities.

Our research tells us that many sales leaders have gaps in their ability to teach and coach selling excellence in the field in real time. That is why sales specialists in our industry only go to their managers 14% of the time for sales ideas. And when surveyed about what they want their managers to be better at, the # 1 answer was, “give me more great sales ideas that work”.

It’s a fact that we cannot teach or coach what we don’t know. Many sales leaders are not expert at teaching their team how to engage their customers, successfully position their products in the minds of their customers, and effectively and efficiently overcome common objections. And very few in our experience know exactly what to do with the customer when the sales specialist has a great relationship and very little business.

As sales leaders we need to know what we need to improve to be the kind of private tutor that helps lead people to a higher performance – for the benefit of themselves, the team, our organization, and the patients we collectively serve. That starts with an exquisite understanding of your Coaching Selling IQ.

To be great at teaching others we need to be great at learning ourselves. Be sure to check out next week’s blog to learn more about Coaching IQ and taking the next steps to not just being a tutor, but a consistently winning tutor!