This week’s blog written by Jerry Acuff, CEO & Founder.


Last week I once again watched Dr. Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk called, “Your Body Language Shapes Who you Are”.  I was prompted to watch it after reading two articles she recently wrote about how important warmth and competence are in order to truly connect with people.

The last 5 minutes of her 21 minute TED Talk, which I believe is one of the most watched TED talks ever, are simply riveting and I believe should be required viewing for anyone interested in achieving more.

Those last 5 minutes are interesting, moving, compelling and most of all, emotional. I have seen this TED Talk 3 times and each and every time it brings a tear to my eye. Dr. Cuddy herself is the personification of a great achiever. Her final message is that tiny tweaks can create big change.

The question then becomes how do we make those tiny tweaks or small changes and where do we find them? The answer is by consistently and persistently looking for them. My experience tells me we can discover them in at least 5 ways:

  • Have a mindset that seeking and acquiring new ideas THAT YOU WILL TRY is crucial to your current and future success.
  • Read- books, blogs, trade journals, articles in magazines – it doesn’t matter what – just read!
  • Pick the brains of other successful people. One of the best places to discover new ideas is from people who are already succeeding.
  • Listen to tapes, audio books and podcasts regularly. Use your driving time as education time.
  • Look for great ideas and talks on YouTube, TED Talks and the sites of people you want to learn from. They often have free videos you can watch. For example, the financial guru, Larry Winget, puts out a video almost every week and I think it too is a must see. Same for anything Jill Konrath does.

Small changes in the way we do things can serve as the fuel that drives our success. Seek them with regularity and intentionality and your success basket will not only be full but overflowing!