This week’s blog written by Jerry Acuff, CEO & Founder.


In all my years of selling I have never met a sales person that wasn’t looking for a good idea. Every sales person wants an idea that will help them be more effective and more successful with clients and prospects. Reading books is a terrific idea as is subscribing to blogs.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite “idea generators” with you today.  If you are in sales I know you will like Jill Konrath’s blog, Jeffrey Gitomer’s weekly eZine, “Sales Caffeine for the Brain”, and anything written by Geoffrey James, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Jim Cathcart, or Linda Richardson. All of these individuals are thought-leaders in selling who have terrific ideas that you can learn from weekly. In addition, Selling Power Magazine has been a must-read for me for many years and each edition gives me ideas that I can use immediately.

I also am a gigantic fan of salesrepradio (, a product of The Marcomm Store in Chicago. Dan Walker founded the firm and started these weekly podcasts so that sales people could have a place to go and hear the very best sales experts share their wisdom. I believe this is a must for anyone in sales looking for great ideas to help them sell more. The podcast this past week featuring Robert Middleton on Elevator speeches is fantastic and each week Dan, or one of his colleagues, interviews a sales expert ready to share actionable ideas that will help all of us be better at our profession. Simply put, I never miss an episode.

Getting better in any chosen profession almost always entails searching for new ideas, new insights and fresh thinking. Salesrepradio provides that in 10 minutes a week. Add that to the books you read, the blogs you follow and your favorite trade publications, and rest assured, you will get better faster!