This week’s blog written by Delta Point VP, Dean Hart.

Deja Vu all over again

Late last year Delta Point had the opportunity to work with a client who was launching a new specialty sales force.  Realizing they were bringing together tenured sales representatives from numerous different companies they asked Delta Point to help build a customer engagement model that not only reflected the significant experience of their new sales force but that also set a standard of excellence by which the organization would interact with customers – and we did – successfully.  In fact, accolades were very high from both sales leadership as well as the specialty representatives themselves.

And then they approached us in April of this year to do it all over again – for the same sales force. Indeed, in the words of the iconic New York Yankees Manager, Yogi Berra, it was, “déjà vu all over again!”

So what went wrong with what was deemed such a successful launch?

In the words of the client – “We waited too long to drive coaching and continuous teaching to the framework by our field leaders and pretty soon our people, both sales specialists and their leaders, went back to what they were doing with their old companies.”  And as a result sales did not meet expectations.

Thus, a relaunch, and this time, followed by coaching by the front-line leaders. While it will take time for us to see how things turn out for our client, suffice it to say that both we and our client feel they are on the right track and that the difference-maker will be the coaching activities of their First Line Sales Leaders.

The importance of field coaching also played a key role in Delta Point’s 2016 Industry Survey Report, which communicated the feedback from more than 100 sales representatives and 100 First Line Sales Leaders across the industry. Two interesting statistics pertaining to coaching were revealed in the survey:

  • Three-quarters of First Line Sales Leaders agreed the most effective thing they do to improve selling skills of their sales representatives is field coaching.
  • Nearly one-half of First Line Sales Leaders indicated that developing their ability to coach and manage others is not a top priority, but just one of the many things on their to-do list.

Delta Point has heeded these statistics by building a 5-step coaching program that enhances First Line Sales Leaders’ ability to coach for enhanced sales performance.  Named, Coaching Catalyst, the program includes 5 steps that lead to coaching and sales success.  These 5 steps of Delta Point’s Coaching Catalyst program are as follows:

Step 1: Coaching IQ – establishes a baseline of expertise to be able to coach selling in real time and is fueled by mindset and selling purpose

Step 2: Actionable Blueprint – developing an Actionable Blueprint is a critical skill for improving selling skills for an individual or an entire sales team

Step 3: Trusted Connection – trust has power in a business relationship and subsequent impact on overall performance and the success of ongoing coaching

Step 4: Focused Collaboration – reveals the “5 Truths” of a successful coaching session and teaches participants how to build a spirit of collaboration amongst their team

Step 5: Accountability – helps field leaders find ways to create individual and team accountability in the achievement of goals

Feedback on Coaching Catalyst from industry sales leaders has been excellent and our inaugural Coaching Catalyst session is being held in Malvern, PA from October 04 – 06, 2016.  Space is limited so if you have a desire to eliminate some unwanted “déjà vu” from your organization and take your sales to new heights of success, please let us know and we will be sure to save you a spot!