This week’s blog written by Jerry Acuff, CEO & Founder.


One of my closest friends and a person I deeply admire is Buzz Williams, Head Basketball Coach at Virginia Tech. Buzz is a huge quote person and if you follow him on Twitter you will have the privilege of learning from his voracious reading habit. He shared a quote with me one day from Hall of Fame Coach George Raveling that really resonated with me.

“Be big enough every day to face the truth about yourself, your team, your family and your life.”

So much of what holds us back as individuals and hinders our ability to excel is that we aren’t always truthful with ourselves. We don’t face the reality that we need to get better or we don’t get laser-focused on what exactly we need to do to get better in our work or in our personal life.  We too often “settle” for what we get rather than reaching for what we are truly capable of achieving.

I have always said that self-awareness is the key to all growth and development. Unless we are keenly aware of who we are, what we are great at, and what we need to work on, we will never get better. Buzz constantly teaches his team, his kids and anyone who will listen that each of us has to approach life with the never-ending quest to “get better.” Every day he expects his players to get just a little bit better. You see, he knows that small change can and does create big impact. If we focus on getting just a little better every day, we will soon be significantly better than where we are today.

One of the great mentors in my life was my Regional Manager, Don Cutcliff. Don reminded everyone within his top performing sales team of 100 sales representatives that, “when you are green you are growing and when you are ripe you are rotting.” His message was when you stop growing, you begin to rot. That message has never left me and I hope and pray that I will always be “big enough” to know what else I need to do to be a better husband, a better father, and a better CEO.  And then, just as importantly, have the sense and desire to pursue getting better.

That is what “being big” means to me.