This week’s blog written by Jerry Acuff, CEO & Founder.

As we were winding up our discussion about what makes a great consultant at Delta Point, some of our newer consultants voiced their opinion about how these characteristics could be viewed as a roadmap of how to be great at selling. We think it’s an idea worth sharing.

In my view, there are 5 qualities which all great consultants share—especially those at Delta Point. A great consultant is someone who…

  1. Builds great business relationships. This is critical. All things being equal, people prefer to do business with people they like. People listen to us differently if we have built a meaningful relationship with them.
  2. Cares more about helping the customer succeed than anything else. I often say we can’t succeed unless our customers do. It’s that simple. Our role is to help our customers become even more successful. We need to be other-focused.
  3. Seeks understanding and asks great questions. The goal of communication is not persuading—it’s understanding. We need to be able to think as our customers—and we can’t understand what they think and believe unless we ask great questions.
  4. Understands the difference our company [Delta Point] can make. We need to be able to explain in words that make sense to our customers exactly what we do and how we can help them. As importantly, we need to succinctly explain how we are different than other consulting companies—and why that difference matters.
  5. Is dedicated to being an expert. We need to demonstrate expertise in what we do. Although there will always be more to learn, we need to be continual learners and truly develop expertise—so that when we meet with customers, we have a greater understanding of their products and the marketplace than they do.

Another point made during our discussion is that achieving greatness is hard work. The question is whether or not you are willing to take the time, to do the hard work, and to continually strive to excel. Are you willing to do what it takes—to become the top of your profession? If you want to be invaluable to your employer, work on incorporating these values. Seek to become the best you can be. Never stop learning.