This week’s blog written by Delta Point VP, Dean Hart.

Success is a Choice

Since its inception 67 years ago, only one player has been unanimously selected as MVP of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In a league of athletic superstars where a single name is all that is required for the elite players, only one has achieved such admiration.

Not Jordan, or Bird, or Erving, or Kareem. Not Shaq, or Magic, or Chamberlain, or Willis. Not the 3,000+ gifted players to come before him. And no, not LeBron.

Rather, it was Stephan “Steph” Curry, the magical, talented point guard of the Golden State Warriors who just a few weeks ago became the first UNANIMOUS MVP of the NBA for the 2015-2016 season. But such admiration was not just given. Nor did Curry just “want it”. Simply put, Curry made it his mission to be the best and he worked unbelievably hard to accomplish his mission every single day.

I had the opportunity to attend a Golden State game early this season. In telling a friend that I was attending the game the next day, he remarked that I absolutely had to get there “90 minutes before game time.” Why? “The Steph Curry Show” as he termed it.

What the “show” entailed was Steph Curry taking the court for approximately 30 minutes of ball handling drills – the same “old school” ones I taught my 7th grade travel teams – and 45 minutes of shooting drills. Spot after spot, swish after swish. It was simply amazing and I wondered, for just a moment, why would Curry practice the basic fundamental skills before every game when he was so accomplished and already recognized as one of the best, if not the best, pure shooter in the game?

And that was my epiphany – Curry was that great because he did constantly train on the basic fundamentals. Furthermore, in his mind, “pure greatness” can never be achieved, so constant practice is required. Under-sized and under-appreciated coming out of high school, shunned by the “big” schools he dreamed of attending, Steph Curry made the choice to be the best. And that is indeed what he has become.

So, what choice have you made? As a sales specialist, a sales leader, a marketer?

What commitment have you made to improve the basic fundamental skills of your craft – selling, coaching, leading, marketing – to be better at what you do tomorrow than you are today?

If a sales specialist:

? Are you the MVP of your sales team when it comes to the fundamental selling skills that have proven to engage customer’s at a higher level?
? Do you plan before every call for maximum performance and success or do you sometimes just wing it?
? Do know exactly how you are going to handle the most common objections you encounter every day and the specific words, phrases, and resources you will use or do you just find your way during the call?

If a first-line field leader:

? Do you know your company’s selling model, your products, the market and your competitors at least as good as your best representative so you can model what a great presentation looks like (what good look like is an expected minimum) for your people to help move them to the next level of success?
? Do you work constantly to hone your coaching skills so that your time in the field with your team yields maximum results?

And if a marketer:

? Can you market to both external and internal customers in a way that makes both want to buy?
? Do you take the time to really connect with your colleagues in Sales and Training and are you really listening to them?

So what are your answers? More importantly, if you don’t like what you heard, what are you going to do about it?

The real takeaway from Curry’s greatness is that you and you alone are able to make the choice of whether you strive for greatness or “just good enough”. It’s your sole decision. No one else can make that decision for you because the commitment to greatness must come from within in order to put in the hard work necessary to achieve true greatness in what you do.

Make no mistake about it, greatness is within your grasp – you just need to decide you are going to do what it takes as a sales specialist, a leader, or a marketer to realize it.

Choose wisely.