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It’s Spring! When you hear the word “spring” you might think of sunshine, flowers, and warmer temperatures. Others might think of spring cleaning—because this new season is a great time to clear out those cobwebs. Spring cleaning is not just physical—it’s also mental.

It’s really an opportune time to take stock about what you’ve accomplished so far and how things are trending for the rest of the year. Already one-quarter of the year is gone. Look at the goals you set for the year. How are you tracking? And what could you be doing to get better?

Don’t try to tackle too many things at once. Make it simple. Look for an idea or two that could help you become better day by day. Our brains work better when we take complex ideas and break them down into more manageable ones. For example, if your sales numbers aren’t what you want them to be you might want to focus on just one aspect of the sales conversation that you could do better.

Regardless of which selling model you use, only 5 things happen during a sales call:

  1. Open the call
  2. Ask questions
  3. Share your product story
  4. Answer objections and customer feedback
  5. Close for commitment

Which one of these do you think you could focus on that will make a difference in how your customers respond to you? They are all important—but many find that the biggest impact can be made by concentrating on 1 of 3 areas:

  • Opening. The first words you utter set the stage for the conversation—and make a difference as to whether or not your customer truly listens to you.
  • Asking questions. Selling is finding out what your customer wants and helping them get it. I don’t know how you do that without asking questions. And there definitely is a right and wrong way to ask.
  • Closing. Gaining a commitment on each call that’s relevant to the conversation—is critical to moving the sale forward.

Or perhaps your goals are in an entirely different area which require a different type of focus. Perhaps you need to plan better or get better organized. Regardless of the specific goal, the arrival of spring is a type of benchmark which means that a part of the year has passed. And if you’re not on track to achieve your goals, you still have enough time to take those necessary steps and make those changes so you can still attain your goals—so when summer arrives you can be proud of the progress you’ve made.