Our clients have provided unsolicited feedback that attests to the difference that Delta Point can make in building relationships, engaging customers, increasing sales results, and developing a culture of selling excellence.

Thinking Like a Customer Approach to Selling

I just wanted to say thanks for bringing Thinking Like A Customer to [company] and the [brand] team over a year ago. I had always been a top 25 Performer within the [brand] division, and also had great relationships with my [brand] physicians for over 5 years. When you introduced me to Thinking Like A Customer, it opened me up to a totally different skill set, a skill set that allowed me more time with my customers, and got me more meaningful dialogue. I was a little skeptical about taking on a new selling style, because I felt I knew the business, had the relationships, and had been successful over the years. When I decided to be totally committed to Thinking Like a Customer, implemented it into my pre-call planning, and used on each and every call, my territory began to sky rocket. In 2011, I won Presidents Club, which is the highest award within the [company], and your Thinking Like a Customer selling model is the reason why I won.

If people are open minded, and are willing to do something that is a little different than their current selling style, Thinking Like a Customer can help take their business to new levels. I am speaking from first hand experience, because it took my territory to new soaring levels, levels that could not be possible without your sales model.”

–Executive Sales Specialist (3/2012)

Without hesitation one of the best one-day (expand our possibilities) training sessions I have experienced in the Pharma industry.”

–Patrick Crichton, Regional Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

It is with a great deal of passion and gratitude that I write to you a personal note of thanks. The session ‘Selling [brand]’ which you very energetically conducted at our launch was the single most effective and significant presentation I have ever attended. I learned more in one hour on how to differentiate [brand] and how to approach difficult customers than I did during my entire training. Thank you for making a difference.”

–Jon Bauer, Roche Laboratories, Inc, Hepatology Specialist, Virology

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I had the pleasure to work with [sales representative] this week and he gained an incredible amount of insight into the [product] selling model. He had attended Phase 4 training and was fortunate enough to be in your class.

During my ride along I realized that it was one of those moments where I was actually learning from one of my representatives. Soft words… Why in the world… If you had to guess… Immediate follow up with the physician…

Just a quick story… We ended off a day where a physician gave a price objection even though he is 90% MC. He said someone has to pay for it…The next morning we went to 5 pharmacies to get the actual prices. You should have seen the look on the physicians face when both of us came into his office the next morning… it was priceless…”

–Armando, District Manager, Long Island

Just wanted to thank you for a very dynamic and inspirational meeting yesterday. Your style and philosophy are very refreshing and truly motivating! I especially appreciate your ability to craft the most brilliantly structured questions ¾ you’ve raised it to an art form.”

–Agnieszka Buller, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Sales Representative

Our partnership with Delta Point has contributed greatly to our success. The Delta Point Team has done a fantastic job of working with us to train our organization on this new selling philosophy and helping us create compelling sales messages which our sales organization has embraced. Since our work with Delta Point began, our sales have consistently increased – despite significant competitive activity.”

–National Sales Director

Developing Selling and Brand Success

I have some outstanding feedback on your program in Chicago from my attendees. All of them said it was the most worthwhile sales training they have ever received. I have already seen a difference in their approach to offices. Thanks so much.”

–Nate Dingle, Roche DSM

You are the most impressive sales consultant I have ever met in my over 20 years in the business. I am so impressed how you have boiled the art of selling down. You are the very best and every company would be crazy not to hire you for everything they sell and for every sales leadership team they have.”

–Walter Maguire, Division Sales Manager

Many thanks for the very inspirational and highly effective presentation that you did for the Triax team. Your insight into the selling process is unrivaled. I believe that you provided us with a defining moment that will spark a cultural change in our sales force.”

–Leonard Mazur, COO, Triax Pharmaceuticals

Developing Meaningful Business Relationships

“Jerry, thank you for presenting a great [Relationship Building] webinar for us this morning. We’ve already received positive feedback. Please let me know if you would be interested in presenting again in the future and I’ll make sure I add you to our schedule.”

–Tim O’Toole, Director of Marketing, Education, and Information Technology, Mason

Contractors Association of America

After making a conscious effort to adjust my style and by focusing on the relationship FIRST, my territory performance began to accelerate. I am now ranked in the top 10% of the sales force according to market share for the current trimester with a market share of over 70%. Never underestimate the impact that your work has on the people you teach”

–Robert Broadnax, Roche Labs

Your relationship program that we had in Cambridge, MA on May 1,2003,(my birthday) made me take a look at each relationship I had with each office that I call on. Most of the offices I had good relationships, but now I have many more that are GREAT. It opened my eyes to improve each and every relationship. It is hard work but it is worth it.”

–Geoff McIntosh, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Sales Representative

Just wanted to take the time to sincerely thank you for such a wonderful and informative session on Building Relationships at our professional development forum last week. Your session was the highlight of the week for me. The tips you shared have reshaped my thoughts on how to go about my personal and professional relationships.”

–Kelly O’Neill, PharmD, Regional Scientific Manager, Infectious Diseases, AstraZeneca

The Delta Point training equipped me to have a very real conversation with the doctors I call on…I was provided tools to take me to the next level on the relationship pyramid. The Delta Point training has been similar to putting on a new set of glasses. I see the whole office experience differently. I am painfully aware now of when I have blown a call, but even more importantly why. I really feel as though the Delta model has given me the tools to think out a long term strategy for each office as well as the verbiage to take me through the process….. I feel much calmer in my conversations, and because I am in control and prepared I’ve become an infinitely better listener.”

–Abbott Specialty Sales Rep