• We continue to grow into the medical device sales arena.
  • We know that all great sales organizations must devote time to focusing on how to grow their professional relationships.
  • We revel in the ability to think of the unique challenges and opportunities in the device sales world and the partnership it takes.

Delta Point is founded in selling philosophies that are grounded in excellent business relationships, knowing your customer, focusing on mindset and engendering thinking. These skills based in knowledge, messaging and relationships are applicable across categories. We are amazed at how taking the time to truly assess your brand, your messaging and your plans through the mind of the customer, and using our training and messaging techniques, can take a great product to all new heights.

If you’re thinking about considering a partner that is truly the best in sales language, here are some questions you may want to consider if thinking about partnering with us:

  • Do all of my sales representatives know how to build great relationships?
  • Are my sales representatives learning their customers beliefs and emotions to appeal to them specifically?
  • Are my sales representatives using openers that cause their customers to want to listen?
  • Are my sales representatives asking intelligent questions that engender thinking and advance the call?
  • Are my sales representatives not just selling through data but by truly telling a story and appealing to emotion?
  • Are my sales representatives able to close the call for action?
  • Do my sales leaders need more training on how to coach selling?
  • Could I use a partner who evaluates the alignment between Sales & Marketing?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we may just be a good fit for you.  We’ love to find out, so please reach out.

Jerry Says

“Physical access with a customer is not the same as mental access. Without mental access you have nothing.”