• By sharing compelling and persuasive stories, you will engage your customers more effectively and you will likely sell more.
  • Learn how you can stay on top of these ever evolving changes in the marketplace and leverage them to your advantage.
  • The simple truth is that you can achieve dramatically more in life if you set goals. But to accomplish the extraordinary you need to define them correctly.

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The Power of Stories in Selling
Recent studies in neuroscience confirm that our brains are wired to respond to stories more than any other forms of communication, including facts and figures or lists of features and benefits. Those sales people who are able to share impactful stories are often more effective. Learn how to craft a product story, even if you feel you aren’t a natural story teller. By sharing compelling and persuasive stories, you will engage your customers more effectively and you will likely sell more.

Pure Intent Creates Sales Excellence
People will rarely be open to exchanging ideas with you unless they believe you are open minded, objective and that you understand them. This alone makes pure intent critical to selling excellence. The right intent open minds, the wrong intent closes minds—and you need to have your customers be open-minded so they will listen to and consider what you have to say. Learn how the “8 Laws of Sales Intent” can help you have more engaging sales conversations. With the right intent, you’ll find that you no longer make sales calls, you facilitate conversations…meaningful, rich, substantive conversations that lead to increased sales.

Changing Habits: A Selling Strategy for Life Sciences Sales Representatives

Habits play a larger role in selling than many realize. How you interact with your customers is likely based on the habits that you’ve developed, including how you open the call, the questions you ask, and how you close. Customers also develop habits, such as using one preferred product when they encounter a patient with certain symptoms. This white paper offers direction as to how to replace those old habits with new habits that will increase your effectiveness and your sales results. In addition, you’ll learn how to help your customers realize that habit just might be what is holding them back from using (more of) your product.

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Setting Goals: A Sales Strategy

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” [Yogi Berra] Anybody can set goals—it’s how you define them and use them that make the difference. Learn the five rules to help you achieve what you want in life by setting goals. This white paper describes what you’re likely to experience and how to respond to those inevitable setbacks and failures that all successful individuals have encountered on their path to greatness. Once you have clearly defined your goals and can visualize how to achieve them, few things (if any) can hold you back.

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Staying Ahead of the Pace of Marketplace Change

How is it possible to stay ahead of marketplace change when change seems to be occurring at an ever increasing rate? The answer involves being able to understand the world from both a macro and micro perspective. And more than this, it involves being able to interpret how these changes might potentially affect you, your customers, and your business. Learn how you can stay on top of these ever evolving changes in the marketplace and leverage them to your advantage.

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Ongoing Personal Reinvention for BioPharma Sales Leaders

The need for personal reinvention has never been timelier. If you allow your skills to be antiquated, you won’t be able to compete, much less excel. Personal reinvention is taking deliberate steps to change who you are right now. It involves proactively taking control of your life and strategically seeking opportunities to enrich your life and those of others. Don’t settle for much less than you can achieve. Aim high and reach your potential.

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Previously Published

Questioning is an Art: Whitepaper for BioPharma

Asking well-designed questions opens the door to understanding. It gives you the insight you need to motivate your customer to buy. It’s the way you learn what you need to know to position your product in your customer’s mind. And it is among the more effective ways to share your knowledge and sales messages. Professional interviewers spend years honing their ability to ask insightful and thought-provoking questions. Fortunately, you can increase the quality of your questions by making small changes once you understand and then implement a few fundamentals.

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First Line Sales Managers: Unleash the Power

Although the importance of the role of the sales manager is universally recognized, there are barriers that prevent organizations from optimizing this influential group. In their survey of first line sales managers, Delta Point goes to the source to dive deep to identify those obstacles which hinder sales managers from reaching their potential. Combining survey results with recent research, this white paper analyzes what organizations can do and should do to improve the effectiveness of first line sales managers, which by any objective measure, are the true lynchpins of the organization in terms of driving sales results.

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Want to Sell More? Listen Your Way to Sales Success

In the BioPharma selling environment, the direct costs associated with poor listening can be lost sales opportunities, limited access to customers, or perhaps more alarming, incorrect use of a medication. The indirect costs can be even higher: the loss of credibility or trust, loss of access to important information, and weaker business relationships. This paper explains why listening well is so challenging and provides 5 things that you can do starting now to improve your listening skills.

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Avoid Death by Training: The 7 Critical Elements to Ensure Sales Training Sticks

Organizations spend billions each year on employee learning and development. Unfortunately, most of that investment is wasted because little, if any, of that training is actually implemented (as confirmed by experts). This paper addresses the need for a comprehensive strategy to ensure that the learning will stick and provides the 7 critical elements that will embed the learning and drive the desired behavior change in the sales organization.

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Making Connections that Count: Relationships in Business

It is not what you know but who you know. Although relationships are universally recognized as one of the driving forces for business success, the value of business relationships tends to be realized when it is too late—when a valued sales associate leaves the organization and sales decline. The simple truth is that there is a process to building relationships that can be taught and replicated. This is especially valuable when people find it difficult to connect with those they need to work with to be successful. Building business relationships will pay significant dividends—not only in sales results—but in gaining access to customers and leveraging those good relationships to achieve greater success.

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Strategic Sales Messaging Development: a Keystone of Customer-Centric Selling

Strategic sales messaging is the concept of using words and finding language that makes the brand position come to life. Optimally, sales specialists should be delivering a strategic sales message on every call: to engage the customer in a thought-provoking discussion about their product that leads the customer to use (more of) the product. In today’s healthcare environment, when each interaction is so important (due to limited access and a reduced number of sales specialists), being able to succinctly communicate the strategic sales message can mean the difference between failing and exceeding sales goals.

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Thinking Like a Customer: Going Beyond Customer-Centric Selling to make a Greater Impact on Sales

As businesses continue to adopt a customer-centric selling approach, they may find that their sales results are less than expected. What most customer-centric approaches are lacking is addressed in the Thinking Like a Customer mindset/ philosophy/ selling approach. This comprehensive approach takes customer-centric selling to a higher level because it includes the four pillars which are essential for a sales force to be truly customer-centric.

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Set Goals to Accomplish the Extraordinary

You can’t hit a target you don’t have and you can’t reach a goal you haven’t set. Most people don’t recognize the inherent power in setting goals. The simple truth is that you can achieve dramatically more in life if you set goals. But to accomplish the extraordinary you need to define them correctly. In this article, CEO Jerry Acuff shares the five practical guidelines that are essential to defining goals. If you follow his advice, there’s virtually no limit to what you can achieve.