Five to Thrive

The last 2 blogs I wrote were focused on increasing our ability to remember new skills. Today, I want to build upon the ideas of practice and the transfer of learning. Transferring learning means that we have transferred the learning of a new skill to the ability to apply that skill in our daily work. [...]

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A Secret Worth Repeating

One of the newsletters I receive and love is from Sims-Wyeth. They are a terrific resource for learning about presenting information to others. Last week we discussed the challenges of applying what we have learned. Here is a great excerpt from today's Sims-Wyeth newsletter (http://www.simswyeth.com/20170207-secret-good-corporate-training/) that hits the nail on the head.  It is a [...]

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If Only We Were Elephants…

They say that an elephant never forgets. Well, if that is indeed the case, it’s Elephants 1 – Humans 0 when it comes to the Memory Game. In the late 1800's Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered a concept he called the "Forgetting Curve". Ebbinghaus was interested in studying how long individuals remembered information and his findings are fascinating. He found that within 20 minutes of being presented with new information, individuals had forgotten over 50% of that information. Within 24 hours, individuals would typically forget 2/3 of the information, and a month later, these same individuals had forgotten 80% of the information presented just 30 days prior.

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The Power of One

Last night I was privy to a pre-game speech by a college coach that really made me think about what I call the “Power of One". He spoke of Martin Luther King and the impact his confidence, beliefs, passion, and his resilience had on a nation, and one could argue, the entire world. His focus was that MLK never flinched in the face of adversity and danger. His intimacy with his purpose drove him to change the world. I can’t think of a better definition for the “Power of One”.

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Just a Little Understanding

It's hard to watch television this days without getting the sense that "true understanding" is in reasonably short supply in many circles in our country; however, several things I have read over the years have led me to the conclusion that one of the most critical traits of really successful people is an open mind. The statement, "The mind doesn't work unless it's open" has been drilled into many of us over our life time yet I would venture to say that many of us have found ourselves in recent months with anything but a truly open mind.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Last week I was having breakfast at the Waffle House in Lexington, VA which is one of my favorite breakfast places and I heard someone say with pride, “I work in retail." It was evident that this person was so proud of her job and her company. There also happens to be a young server at this Waffle House named Hailey who takes great pride in her work and is great at making customers feel welcome. She also is a single mom who goes to college on her off days and beams with pride every day about her adorable baby girl. As I sat there listening to the retail worker speak proudly about her work and watching Hailey bring smiles to her customers, I was thinking how wonderful pride can be and how having pride in what we do and how we approach life is such a powerful mindset.

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Required Viewing

I just watched a 2 minute video from my good friend Scott Moldenhauer of Persuasion Consultants that in my estimation should be required viewing for everyone in sales. It is simple and profound and really deserves hours of thought, contemplation, and discussion in order to be fully appreciated. Scott introduces the concept of "Self-Persuasion" (http://greatmedicalreps.com/how-to-get-off-to-a-stronger-start-with-doctors-in-2017-coach-this-tip/). This, of course, is not about how do we persuade ourselves, but rather how can we use the universal truth of, “If I say it, you doubt it; but if you say it, it's true” to allow our customers to persuade themselves.

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The Synergy of PR

When you read the title of this you may have been thinking this was a blog about, “Public Relations”. But when I think of PR, I think of Performance and Relationships. I recently read that 70% of all jobs we get in our lifetime come from our network. If that's the case, and I suspect it is, then it seems to me we may want to be more intentional about our relationships and as such, we should be more proactive in building and maintaining them. But the network alone won't do the trick. Performance and a track record of success also matters.

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‘Tis the Season

This time of year is a joyous time for most and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a time for giving gifts to those who are close to us and those who we appreciate. And it’s in this spirit of gift giving, that I’d like to propose that the greatest gift one could ever receive, is when someone shows us that having a relationship with us is something of true value to them.

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The Quiet Power of Knowledge

The very best sales people I have ever known are extremely self-confident. They are not cocky or arrogant but rather they are innately certain of their knowledge and capabilities. Self confidence in my estimation is essential to selling greatness. The self-confident sales person will feel no pressure to “show up and throw up” information to their customers. They will have the self-assuredness to resist trying to sell something that the customer or prospect is not ready to buy, or in some cases, doesn’t need.

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