Some Things (Should) Never Change.

The pace of change in our world today is faster than ever. Technology, the internet, innovative thinking and just old-fashioned ingenuity all play a role in how rapidly the world is transforming. Just 30 years ago, things were different. There were pay phones; today, they don't exist. Many bookstores are now out of business, while [...]

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Strong Ways to Answer the “Weakness” Question

What’s your greatest weakness? I think we’re all familiar with that famous interview question: What’s your greatest weakness? Cue the eyeroll. This question, though considered important to employers, is so common that the answers themselves are all too common. You’ve heard the typical, “Well, my strengths can actually be seen as weaknesses.” Please do not [...]

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Words Matter. Especially the Bad Ones.

On the back of my business card, you’ll see the phrase, “Words Matter.” I stand by this saying, because words do make a difference. From employer to employee, friend to friend, person to person, words can have an impact on someone’s day, week, or even reputation. That said, there is a time and a place [...]

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Wisdom Flows Both Ways

Reverse Mentorship: How Wisdom Can Flow Both Ways Wisdom isn’t exclusive to those who have lived longer; younger people have a lot to offer, and are filled with their own kind of wisdom. It’s most beneficial when we seek knowledge and perspective from those different from us, which means, we reach out to those younger [...]

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3 Ways Millennials are Vastly Misunderstood and Underestimated

I’ve been asked in several radio interviews about studies reporting on how Millennials are seen as lacking life skills. Apparently, these studies show that the millennial generation is deficient at small talk, cooking, balancing a checkbook, and writing resumes. I won't disrespect their research, but in my experience with Millennials, I am convinced that far [...]

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It’s Not Easy to Succeed.

It Isn’t Easy to Succeed. Last week my company hosted 20 of the most talented sales leaders I have ever met, as they attended our two-and-a-half-day Coaching Catalyst program. Their National Sales Director is an incredible leader, and their passion for what they do and their commitment to excellence is crystal clear. During one of [...]

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How to Get a Piece of My Last Will and Testament

The Day “Will” Come There will be a day when my attorney, Laura Stover, gathers my heirs for a very important meeting. In this meeting, Laura will share with them mine and my wife, Maryann’s, last will and testament. Hopefully, Maryann and I will have lived it up so much in our retirement that there [...]

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3 Strategies for Achieving Greatness

  This week, I received a text from a very smart, ambitious college sophomore, whom I also mentor. In his words, he was trying to "figure some things out" but didn't know exactly what to ask from me. He has another mentor, who happens to be a dear friend of mine and a brilliant leadership [...]