About Jerry Acuff, CEO and founder of Delta Point

Jerry has more than 30 years of experience in speaking and consulting on the issues of sales and marketing.  His expertise has led to numerous awards and recognition, including the title of one of the 50 best salespeople of all time, and one of the top 10 sales experts in the world, according to salesgurus.net.  Jerry has been featured on MSNBC and the ABC Radio Network, as well as the TheStreet.com, WSJ.com, Fortune, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Managed Care Pharmacy Practice, Fast Company, Selling Power and “Selling Power Live.”  He shares his passion for selling and building business relationships in his three best-selling business books: “The Relationship Edge,” “The Relationship Edge in Business” and “Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer.”

Jerry began his career as a sales representative and quickly rose to vice president and general manager at Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, earning accolades like “Salesman of the Year” (twice!) and “District Manager of the Year” three times.  He has earned recognition for his expertise in business relationship development, strategic sales messaging and selling approaches.  His experience and success has led to a position as Executive-in-Residence at the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and an invitation to the White House to share his views on healthcare reform.  He is passionate about staying informed on the latest research and ideas from thought leaders, which often reinforce his beliefs and primary tenet of thinking like the customer.  Clients continually provide testimonials of his enduring effect on their commercial organization, evidenced by enhanced selling effectiveness, improved coaching by sales managers and brand excellence in the marketplace.