Small tweaks create huge impact. That is a foundational philosophy of great sales people—who continually search for a gem or nugget, some great idea, that can make a difference.  Good sales representatives are skilled in the basics. However, the truly great ones never stop searching for an idea they can use to get even better.

This past week I found a new and exciting (well, new to me) resource for sales ideas. My good friend and dynamite sales and presentation trainer/speaker Tim Wackel ( sent me an e-mail telling me that Josh Braun had recommended my book, Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer, as a must read in his recent newsletter.

Needless to say, any author is grateful when someone appreciates their book so I sent Josh a message thanking him. Now, until today, I didn’t know Josh Braun from Josh Groban. I do now.

I had an hour discussion with Josh and discovered that he is another real sales guru with lots to offer. Josh can be reached at: or

His on-line sales course called Sales for Starters (How to Attract a Steady Flow of Clients Without Selling Your Soul) has gotten rave reviews ( ). I recommend it for anyone new to sales. And read Josh’s newsletter, which contains some of those selling gems (you can access all of his previous newsletters on his website). If you are looking for a fresh new exciting sales guru to learn from, check out Josh Braun. He can’t sing a lick but he sure does have great ideas about succeeding in selling!