Last week I had the pleasure of finally meeting Gary Pittard in person. Gary is a sales guru who lives in Australia where he owns and runs a highly successful real estate consultancy that helps realtors excel in Australia, New Zealand and in Southeast Asia. He has had me as a guest on his television show in Australia and it was so fortunate that he and I were on the same continent and time zone last week. I could not pass up the opportunity to meet him so I flew from Phoenix to San Diego (where he was attending a social media convention) so he and I could have a 3 ½ hour lunch.

Make no mistake about it. Gary may specialize in real estate but he is a guru on selling and success regardless of what you do. His new book, Why Winners Win: What it Takes to be Successful in Business and Life is a must read for anyone wanting to know what it really takes to be a huge success.

Gary believes that every success journey has 4 distinct and critical steps:

  1. Attitude
  2. Knowledge
  3. Skills
  4. Competent Action

It’s not hard to argue that attitude is critical to success. Indeed, as Gary says, the starting point off ALL success is attitude.

The next step is knowledge. Winners consistently acquire knowledge that will help them achieve their goals. They know that knowledge is a requisite for success in any endeavor and to stop seeking knowledge and new ideas is a huge mistake.

Having knowledge without the skills to make the knowledge useful is basically equivalent to having no knowledge. To know and to not do is to not know! Skill, like knowledge, needs to be constantly evaluated and worked on. As my mentor, Don Cutcliff said, “When you are green you are growing, when you are ripe you are rotting.”

Lastly, skills have to lead to competent action. Success is attributed almost always to those that “do”. Yes, you can argue that thinking about what to do is crucial but success comes to those who are willing to do what it takes to be successful.

Gary’s book also lays out the 4 fatal flaws that keep so many from success. He writes about:

  1. Low self esteem
  2. Making the wrong career choice
  3. Having little belief (no strong purpose)
  4. Call reluctance

It’s not possible to read this book without understanding 3 key lessons:

  1. Gary Pittard is a lifelong learner. The knowledge he has gained from the books he has read that culminate in his own brand of success genius practically jumps off the page by page 3.
  2. Gary Pittard practices his own 4-step success journey and it is why he has such a successful team and business helping others succeed.
  3. Gary can show you or me or anyone the path to being a winner in life.

What this book will not teach you, but I feel is important to know, is that Gary Pittard is a giver. He selflessly gives of his time and his wisdom and the knowledge—and I speak from experience. What Gary imparted to me over lunch was invaluable. But more than that, his entire demeanor is driven by his desire to understand how he can help others. Get his book and share his passion for giving and serving and you will be on a success journey that will make a difference.