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If I have learned anything about great salespeople and great sales coaches it is that they are perpetually looking for an idea that is as good as gold.

  • They are in search of an idea that they can use to improve their ability to connect with prospects and customers.
  • They are looking for an idea that will enable them to have more substantive and meaningful conversations with customers.
  • They want to find ways to use words in a more compelling way.
  • They want to learn the questions to ask that truly engender thinking on the part of the customer and lead to new insight that can in turn change behavior.

The BIG question is, “So where can this gold be found?”  And the answer is quite simple – technology!

For example, the most watched TED Talk (and I suggest you devote 20 minutes a week to watch at least one TED Talk) is by Amy Cuddy. Dr. Cuddy is a Ph.D Psychology professor at Harvard and her TED Talk on Body Language is beyond incredible and should be required viewing for anyone looking for a great idea. The last 5 minutes of her TED Talk is some of the most compelling video I have ever seen. Her final slide says, “Tiny tweaks create huge impact.”

And I believe this statement is solid GOLD!  In my experience, INCREDIBLE sales people and sales coaches are constantly looking for those tiny tweaks and one of the best places to find them is the web.

Here are 3 suggestions for finding golden ideas that can help you be INCREDIBLE!

I also follow Virginia Tech’s Men’s Basketball Coach Buzz Williams on Twitter (@TeamCoachBuzz) and would suggest you do the same.  Buzz’s tweets are always thought-provoking and centered on the power of desire, preparation, teamwork, and peak performance.  

I too have my own quest to get better and am constantly looking for new resources.  If you have a suggestion where I can find gold, please email me at

  • Get Kindle and read 1 book every 2 months or buy a book on Amazon and read it the old fashioned way!
  • Get a paid subscription to Soundview Executive Summaries or Both of these services send you quick summaries of books either monthly or daily and are a powerful source of “tiny tweaks”. They both have huge libraries of book summaries you can access with your subscription.  I use them both and they are worth every penny.

In summary, in my mind, great selling and coaching selling results are produced by the perpetual expectation of attaining them AND by the perpetual search for golden ideas that help us be more effective. I firmly believe that if you access the power of the web in a disciplined and purposeful way, you can constantly find those “tiny tweaks”, that gold for which you are searching, that indeed make you INCREDIBLE!